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Year 7 Homework Support

This page is currently under construction.

The table below summarises what students will learn at each stage in the school year.

You can click on the headings for each subject to be redirected to the year specific area of that subjects SharePoint site. 

Clicking on the names of individual units of work will redirect you to the relevant knowledge organiser.


English Y7 Page

Maths Y7 Page

Science Y7 Page

Half term 1 Introduction to Language

Due to the nature of the way maths is taught, the knowledge organisers are collated in one document which, once opened, will direct you towards the relevant knowledge organisers for each half term.

Y7 knowledge organisers



Half term 2


Structure and Function

Half term 3 Introduction to Fiction



Half term 4 Light
Half term 5 Introduction to Non- Fiction



Half term 6


















  Art Computer Science Drama DT and Food French
Half term 1   Collaborating Safely and Respectfully

Drama Knowledge Organiser to Support with C1/2/3

C1: Exploration of Drama - Stimulus Work

See knowledge organiser above

DT and Food are taught on a rotation.  Therefore, whilst students will cover the same content, the time at which this is done will differ.  The knowledge organisers below will be useful throughout key stage 3.


KS3 DT Knowledge Organisers

KS3 Food Knowledge Organisers


A specific knowledge organiser will be published to students via Satchel One for end of year written assessments.

Half term 2   Computational Thinking  
Half term 3   Networks: Semaphore to the Internet

C2: Script and Character Development

See knowledge organiser above

Half term 4   Programming: Scratch  
Half term 5   Using Media - Gaining Support for a Cause

C3: Design, Stage and Space

See knowledge organiser above

Half term 6   Spreadsheets C4: Play Review - Extended Writing  


  Geography History Music Personal Development RE
Half term 1

Fantastic Places


Roman Empire     Abrahamic Faiths: Judaism
Half term 2 OS Map Skills     Abrahamic Faiths: Judaism / Christianity
Half term 3 UK Geography Islamic Empire     Abrahamic Faiths: Christianity
Half term 4 Weather and Climate    
Half term 5 British Empire     Abrahamic Faiths: Islam
Ecosystems and Rainforests
Half term 6