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Summer 2022 Exam series



Information from the Department for Education (DfE) is that summer exams for current Year 11 students will take place, with some modifications made to counter the impact of the pandemic. These are detailed below:

  • Optional topics and content for GCSE English Literature, History and Geography – students will not be assessed on all topics.
  • GCSE Art and Design will be assessed on the portfolio only.
  • Exam boards will provide advance information about the focus of the content for all GCSE subjects except GCSE English Literature, History and Geography.
  • This advance information will support student revision and was provided by the 7th February 2022
  • Students will be given a formulae sheet for GCSE Maths.  This will be available for use in lessons so students are familiar with clean copies ready for exams.
  • Students will be given a revised equation sheet for GCSE Physics and Combined Science covering all the equations required for subject content.
  • These Maths and Science sheets are not yet available to schools, but when they are will be available for use in lessons so students are familiar with clean copies ready for exams.
  • Results day for Year 11 will be Thursday 25 August


Whilst it is expected summer exams will take place with the above modifications, the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) has released details to schools of contingency plans to be able to award grades should exams not take place.  These are that: 

  • Schools should complete non examined assessments (NEA  - coursework) where these form part of the course.
  • Schools should plan assessment opportunities to gather evidence throughout the academic year.
  • Assessments should replicate in full or part exam board papers, they should be unseen assessments, timed with supervision. Students should not have access to texts in subjects like English Literature.
  • Controls could be within a classroom not exam hall.
  • Students should be told before they take an assessment that this may be used to inform their teacher assessed grade (TAG) :  they can be told the broad content area/s the assessment would cover but not questions.
  • Students should receive feedback but there should be no reference to the TAG.
  • The work needs to be retained but copies could be given to students, which means that staff will keep all copies of assessment sin school