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Science Curriculum Intent  

We want to develop a love and curiosity for learning and understanding Science and foster a lifelong interest in scientific developments and understanding in an ever-changing world. We want to inspire and encourage students to build cultural capital, have an appreciation and understanding of the relevance and impact Science has on the local community and the wider world. 

Science at Bradfield focusses on breadth and depth of science knowledge, skills and understanding and its application. This is built sequentially encouraging students to question, investigate and challenge like a scientist. Carefully embedded practical opportunities encourage students to actively seek solutions, make observations, collect and analyse data, question evidence to understand developments and enable them to make informed decisions.

Links to further education and careers are woven into every topic throughout all key stages, to continually raise the aspirations of our students and expose them to the possibilities and opportunities open to them, in this exciting field.



Key Stage 3 Curriculum Content

Science is a practical subject and students will develop their scientific skills and knowledge through: 

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

Year 7

  • Intro topic
  • Cells
  • Particles
  • Forces
  • Body systems
  • Elements
  • Sound
  • Reactants
  • Light 
  • Reproduction
  • Acids
  • Space

Year 8

  • Health
  • Periodic Table
  • Electricity and magnetism
  • Ecosystems
  • Separation techniques
  • Energy
  • Adaptation
  • Metals and acids
  • Motion and pressure
  • The Earth


Year 9

  • Biology – B1.1, B1.2, B1.3, B1.4, B2.1
  • Chemistry – C1.1, C1.2, C2.1, C4.2
  • Physics – P1.1, P1.2, P1.3, P2.1, P3.1, P4.1, P5.1

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Content

Current Year 11 students are following the AQA courses; either combined science (trilogy) or the three separate sciences. 

Year 10 students continue to follow the OCR Gateway in Science course. The aim of the course is to interest and engage students in science and give opportunities to: 

  • Develop a critical approach to scientific evidence and methods
  • Acquire and apply skills, knowledge and understanding of how science works and its essential role in society 
  • Acquire scientific skills, knowledge and understanding necessary for progression to further learning. 

In both specifications and routes students learn Biology, Chemistry and Physics topics with exams in all subjects. Practical skills, mathematical skills and working scientifically are embedded in each course.

Year 10

  • Biology – B2.2, B3.1, B3.2, B3.3, B4.1, B5.1
  • Chemistry – C2.2, C2.3, C3.1, C3.2, C3.3, C3.4, C4.1, C6.1(part)
  • Physics – P3.2, P2.2, P2.3, P4.2, P5.2, P5.3. P6.1, P6.2 (NB: There are different codes for combined and separate topics in physics only)


Year 11 Combined Science

  • Biology – B5.2, B6.1, B6.2, B6.3
  • Chemistry – C5.1, C5.2, C6.1, C6.2
  • Physics – P6.1, P6.2, P5.1, P5.2


Year 11 Separate Science

  • Biology- B5.2, B6.1, B6.2, B6.3
  • Chemistry - C5.1, C5.2, C6.1, C6.2, C6.3
  • Physics – P8.1, P8.2, P8.3, P7.1, P7.2