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Religious Education

Religious Education Curriculum Intent  

RE helps students to understand the diverse world they live in and their own place in that world.   

Lessons are equally accessible to students of any faith or none. Success is dependent on the ability to understand, analyse and evaluate, rather than on personal conviction. 

We aim to support students in developing their own spiritual, moral, and social awareness by increasing their understanding of the complex issues and challenges faced by people from all walks of life within their own city and beyond. Our aim is to create and nurture an intellectual curiosity in pupils to develop a love of learning and understanding of their own place within society, both local and global. 

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Content

Year 7

  • What Are Beliefs (introduction in to RE)  
  • Religion in Sheffield   
  • Big Story including Jesus Lessons 
  • Theological Investigations
  • Spiritual Arts

Year 8

  • Where Can Young People Find Wisdom 
  • How Do We Know things?
  • What is Ethics?
  • How Do We Make Moral Decisions?
  • Eastern Religions (Buddhism/Hinduism/ Sikhism) 
  • Introduction to GCSE 


Year 9

  • Peace And Conflict 
  • Christian Beliefs & Teachings
  • Relationships And Families


Key Stage 4 Curriculum Content

Year 10 CORE


  • Peace And Conflict
  • Christian Beliefs & Teachings
  • Relationships And Families





Year 11GCSE

  • Islam Practices
  • Crime & Punishment
  • Revision



  • Islam Beliefs/Practices/Teachings (combined unit)
  • Crime & Punishment