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Personal Development

Personal Development Curriculum Intent

'Our mission for the Personal Development curriculum is to ensure students are well equipped for life beyond school, with detailed understanding of the issues young people face today and how to keep themselves safe on and off-line. We want to develop empathetic and well-rounded individuals who are responsible global citizens that can thrive in the world beyond school and make their voice heard.'

Personal Development (PD) involves three key disciplines:

  • Careers education
  • Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE), including Relationship and Sex Education (RSE).
  • Citizenship education.  This can be studied further at GCSE if students opt for this subject.

All three disciplines are taught as a spiral curriculum, which involves revisiting core concepts and ideas over time, at an age-appropriate stage in a young person’s development.  The different nature of the three disciplines mean that the key concepts and ideas vary:

Careers education is an area for development over the coming year. We are driven by the Gatsby Benchmarks and in particular the need to allow young people the ability learn from career and labour market information, providing encounters with employers and employees and as well as supplementing and linking in with the interdependent personal guidance in careers provided to young people at Bradfield School.

Citizenship education involves the following key concepts and ideas at Bradfield: democracy, government, law, justice, rights and responsibilities, participation, community, equality, identity, and diversity

PSHE is structured around allow young people to make healthy and safe choices. It applies this to different contexts and settings and is often driven by identified safeguarding needs in the school. We focus on key ideas and concepts in terms of:

  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Growing and changing, including puberty.
  • Personal safety.
  • Relationships and sex education.
  • Bullying and discrimination
  • Money management
  • Media and digital literacy, including online safety.

Key stage 3 Areas of study*

*The order of study will change year-on-year depending on need

Year 7

  • Anti-bullying
  • Puberty and health education
  • Making your voice heard
  • Careers education
  • Your rights and responsibilities


Year 8

  • First aid and health
  • Diversity awareness and an inclusive school.
  • Digital media literacy and safety
  • Sex and relationships
  • Making your voice heard
  • Life skills to manage your financial wellbeing


Year 9

  • Sex and relationships
  • Making your voice heard
  • Careers
  • Your rights and responsibilities
  • Staying safe: you and the law
  • Drugs and alcohol


Key stage 4 Areas of Study*

*The order of study will change year-on-year depending on need

Year 10

  • Sex and relationships
  • Physical and mental health
  • Making your voice heard
  • Careers
  • Equality and diversity
  • Online and digital literacy


Year 11

  • Careers education, including Sheffield Progress
  • Post-16 options prior to application submission deadline
  • Sex and relationships education
  • Equality and diversity
  • First aid
  • Drugs and alcohol education