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Homework at Bradfield School

We recognise the value and importance of setting homework to help students develop good study habits and to extend independent learning skills across both key stages.

Well organised homework plays a role in supporting students in reaching their full potential and developing successful lifelong learning habits. Meaningful homework could include tasks that:

  • build on or prepare for learning in the lesson
  • provide an opportunity to build in low stakes testing and recall
  • deepen students’ understanding of a topic
  • provide structured independent learning which enable students to take responsibility for how they plan and manage their learning
  • support students' progress.

Bradfield School is trialling using Assignments within Microsoft Teams to set all homework activities. Parents/carers can view homework set either through their child's school account, and will receive a weekly summary of homework set for the week ahead. The letter below details our rationale, as does the homework assembly below. This assembly also shows how to access Assignments.

  • KS3 : Homework will be set every three lessons, and students should spend about 45 minutes per piece.
  • KS4: Homework will be set once a week, and students should spend about 60 minutes per piece.

All homework will always be  acknowledged by the teacher in a timely way. 

Non-completion of homework is tackled in the following ways:

  • Classroom teachers will deal directly with non-completion issues and record this on Bromcom.
  • If homework is regularly not completed a letter will be sent home to alert parents/carers.
  • Action plans may be created to remove barriers to non-completion of homework.