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History Curriculum intent: 

We want our students to think, speak, read and write like historians. We seek to develop our students as knowledge rich and outstanding enquiring critical thinkers of the future, confident of:

  • describing and explaining key events of the past
  • articulating well supported judgements
  • engaging with, and making inferences, from historical sources
  • recognising bias
  • using and challenging historical sources and interpretations
  • putting events in order.

At Bradfield, we want our students to have a big picture of the past, through breadth and depth studies, designed to equip with a secure and coherent grasp of local, national and global History.

Our intent is to make all our students intellectually curious historians who grasp that the past is not just a set of different facts; rather it is something that is to be explained, debated and contested and helps them make sense of the present world.



Key Stage 3 Curriculum Content

Year 7

  • History Intro
  • Roman Empire
  • Islamic Empire 
  • British Empire

Year 8

  • Fight for Power including Votes for Women
  • Industrial revolution, Sheffield and radicals
  • Slavery (including resistance & abolitionist heroes)
  • Edwardians & WW1

Year 9

  • Peace to War and Rise of Hitler
  • WW2
  • Holocaust
  • Medicine c1250-1700


Key Stage 4 Curriculum Content

Year 10

  • Medicine 1250-present day
  • WW1 Surgery
  • Germany 1918-39

Year 11

  • Germany 1918-33
  • Superpower relations 1941-1991
  • Reigns of Richard and John 1189-1215