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Health and Social Care

Component 1: Human Lifespan Development 30% PSA Internal assessment over 10 hours

In this unit you will: 

explore how individuals develop physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually over time (lifecycle) to investigate how various factors, events and choices may impact on individuals’ growth and development discover how people adapt to life events and cope with making changes. 

Component 2 - Health and Social Care Services and Values 30% PSA Internal assessment over 10 hours

In this unit you will: 

learn which health and social care services are available identify why people might need to use these services discover who’s involved in providing these services explore what might stop people from accessing the services they need look at the care values the sector has to make sure people get the care and protection they need. 

Component Three Health and Wellbeing – 40-% External exam

In this unit you will: 

Learn what ‘being healthy’ means to different people. 

Explore the different factors that might influence health and wellbeing identify key health indicators and how to interpret them assess someone’s health using what you’ve learnt create a health and wellbeing improvement plan for that person which includes targets and recommendations of support services available. 


What skills do I need? 

Like all subjects you will need good literacy and communication skills in order to complete certain assessed tasks. In lessons, an interest in people and the care sector is important as are the skills to discuss ideas and contribute to debates.

This qualification in Health and Social will:

● enable students to understand more about the health and care sector

● motivate and challenge students, and prepare them to make informed decisions about further study and career pathways.

What skills does this qualification develops?

This course is also ideal for progression to more detailed study of health, social care and early years or other related courses. For example nursing, medicine, social work, nursery nurse and many more health and care roles.

As it is a level 2 course the BTEC Tech Award is valued by employers and further education establishments in the same way as GCSE subjects are valued.