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‘ Geography students hold the key to the world’s problems. So many of the world’s current issues – at a global scale and locally – boil down to geography, and we need the geographers of the future to help us understand them”

Micheal Palin


The Geography department at Bradfield is passionate and committed to providing the very best in geographical education, and has enjoyed consistent academic success.

As a department, we believe that geographical education is of paramount importance in today’s world. Staff are all geography specialists.

Students are provided with opportunities for fieldwork in all key stages.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Content

The Key Stage 3 course covers a wide range of geographical topics and students will be taught a mixture of physical and human geography.

Year 7

·         Fantastic Places

·         Energy

·         Weather and Climate

·         Map Skills.

Year 8

·         Development and Africa

·         Rivers, Flooding and Coasts

·         Tourism.

Year 9

·         Ecosystems

·         Tectonics

·         Global Issues.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Content

Students follow the AQA syllabus at GCSE. This course has been chosen as it covers a wide range of geographical topics. Students are assessed through 3 exams:

Paper 1 – Physical Geography

·         The challenge of natural hazards

·         The living world

·         Physical landscapes in the UK

Paper 2 – Human Geography

·         Urban issues and challenges

·         The changing economic world

·         The challenge of resource management

Paper 3 – Geographical Applications

·         Issue evaluation

·         Geographical skills

·      Fieldwork – students will be asked questions about two specific types of fieldwork, covering the hypotheses below:

Human Geography – ‘Deprivation decreases with distance from CBD.’ Fieldtrip in Sheffield.

Physical Geography – ‘Sea defences are positive for the area in which they are built.’ Field trip to Holderness Coast (Mappleton and Bridlington).