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A Great Place to Work

Bradfield School is committed to being a place where all people thrive, our staff as well as our students. 

Our recruitment and retention rates are high, many staff live in the community we serve and relationships with our families are strong. 

Whilst the school was established in 1957, the current buildings were opened in 2012. Most staff have their own room, our facilities are very modern and our surrounding views are breathtaking.

Our students come to us from high achieving primary feeder schools, with some of the highest KS2 results in the city.

We are a relatively new addition to Tapton School Academy Trust (TSAT), and are excited about the collaboration with the other schools in the Trust that this has already brought. Senior Leaders and  Subject Leaders  work with their counterparts across the four secondary schools in the city, we have a strong network of support and training for our Early Career staff across the Trust and continual professional development is planned across the Trust.

As part of TSAT, we regularly review staff wellbeing and workload and are committed to reducing workload overtime. This is actively reflected in our approach to data collection, our assessment and feedback policy and our INSET programme.

For details of vacancies for teaching and support staff, please visit the site below for details and how to apply.

We currently have vacancies Exam Invigilators. Details and an application form are at the bottom of this page. 


Teaching and Learning

 In  December 2020, we began an exciting two to three year journey to become a Visible Learning school, where everything we do is evidence informed, with learners at the heart of the work of the school. 

Working with Osiris Education, our Deputy Headteacher and our team of Impact Coaches, staff have begun to develop their understanding of the work of John Hattie and how this impacts on how we think about teaching, seeing learning through the eyes of the child and developing their independence. 

At its heart, are the 10 Mindframes for Visible Learning. We believe they are the core notions of what truly make a difference: 

1. I am an evaluator of my impact on student learning
2. I see assessment as informing my impact and next steps
3. I collaborate with my peers and my students about my conceptions of progress and my impact 
4. I am a change agent and believe all students can improve 
5. I strive for challenge and not merely 'doing your best'
6. I give and help students understand feedback and I interpret and act on feedback given to me
7. I engage as much in dialogue as monologue
8. I explicitly inform students what successful impact looks like from outset
9. I build relationships and trust so that learning can occur in a place where it is safe to make mistakes and learn
10. I focus on learning and language of learning.

The aim of the programme is to both challenge and free staff: freeing us  from the constraints of teaching in any prescribed way, but challenging us to be able to evidence the impact to ourselves and to our students of the approaches we take. 

Hattie also refers to the work of Simon Sinek who advocates focusing on 'why' before moving onto the what and how, which can get lost amidst the day to day challenges working in a busy environment. This is something we go back to regularly when making decisions across the school.