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Pride in Presentation

Pride in Presentation

Since schools began, teachers have emphasised the importance of students taking pride in the presentation of their work: insisting on dates and titles being underlined, the use of a ruler, writing in the neatest possible handwriting, ensuring worksheets are glued and so on. So why is this done? What’s the purpose? Why do teachers want students to present their work as neatly as possible?

A form of communication The presentation of work is important; it is a form of communication which demonstrates what a student has learnt and their ability to clearly record their learning. The amount of care that students have taken in doing this, shows their ability to be responsible and to look after things that belong to them. It suggests that students have thought carefully about their work instead of rushing through it as quickly as they can. It demonstrates that students have achieved a great deal of satisfaction from the way they present their work and that they are proud of and value the learning and progress that they are making within lessons. Students’ exercise books, when presented well, can be excellent tools for revision and reinforcement of learning, which can lead to exam success. Students’ pride in presentation can also be an indicator of the quality of education that students receive. Teachers with high expectations of student learning and progress, will also have high expectations of students’ standards of work.

At Bradfield, we want all our students to receive first quality learning experiences with high expectations around pride in ourselves and the work that is produced. So how at Bradfield are we ensuring that every student presents work neatly?

Consistent expectations  Having spent time looking at the quality of student work, we have established a set of presentation expectations which are now standard across the whole school, irrespective of subject area. The idea is that all students enjoy routines and knowing what teachers expect of them! If every teacher has the same expectations in their subjects, then every student will find it easier to understand what they need to do to achieve. Presentation expectations reinforced in every lesson is a strategy that can lead to success for all students: consistency is key!

In assemblies and lessons last week, these expectations have been explicitly shared with students. We have also focused on why presentation is important. Students have had the opportunity to audit their presentation against the expectations below, so that all know what they are already doing well and where to improve if needed to meet the highest standards.

Teachers will continue to expect, enable and encourage students to meet these expectations in all lessons. Where students are meeting these expectations, there will be rewards. Teachers will be giving stamps for students who are demonstrating high standards of presentation and senior members of staff are in lessons awarding vouchers for free cookies to those students who are trying hard with their presentation.

Next steps… and support from home During this last week, it has been clear that students have made a huge effort with their presentation. If parents and carers can continue to reinforce presentation expectations at home with independent learning tasks, and ensure students bring a full set of equipment to school, we will undoubtedly see more gains with this, in the future. 


Gemma Furness

Assistant Headteacher