School Closures

School Closures

Last Updated – Winter 2017

For health and safety reasons, you need to ensure that your child and the school know exactly what you allow them to do if school has to close early in case of extreme weather conditions (or power failure etc.)

In some circumstances, it may not always be possible for your child to contact you before leaving school.  Therefore, it is essential that your child is aware of all the arrangements you have made.  If we do have to close early, updated information will appear on the Home page of this school website, on our Twitter and our newly created Facebook page. Please note that we are aware of some issues with the school website when it is under “heavy demand” we are making every effort to resolve this. If you experience problems please look at the other feeds.

You should also listen for announcements on BBC Radio Sheffield and the Sheffield City Council website

Please note that radio stations have a policy of only announcing closures and will NOT announce if the school is re-opening

Winter weather information

As we have already had a taste of the winter weather I would like to confirm the procedures operated by Bradfield School in the event of possible closure due to winter weather disruption.

School closure information will be posted on the School website ( front page.

We will also inform Sheffield City council website who will publish this information also via their twitter feed and this will be used by BBC Radio Sheffield (88.6 FM, 104.1 FM) to keep everyone informed. Parents can sign up to receive automatic updates from Sheffield City Council by registering via ; once registered you will need to go to Education – School Closures – Then look under secondary to find Bradfield School.

Experience has shown that under extreme circumstances the Parentmail system can be slow to deliver updates (up to 24 hours) so we will only use this system in periods of known extensive closure. We will try to update our Twitter and Facebook feeds but our key priority will be to keep the school and then the council websites updated.

September 2017 saw a significant change to the home – school public transport system and to a degree this makes a closure decision more clear-cut. In the past as Mass Engineering was only a schools service with buses not being used in the middle of the day we were able to announce late opening and in some cases earlier closure. However, as the majority of the school buses are part of the City Wide First South Yorkshire public transport system we do not have the option of announcing a late opening or early closure and so we will need to act upon the information we receive from First South Yorkshire as to which routes they are intending to operate. Obviously, if there is traffic disruption due to road conditions it may be that some services are delayed – this is beyond our control.

Up-to-date information in relation to the First South Yorkshire bus service can be found at:-

PLEASE NOTE: The school website will ONLY inform you of closure if there is no message then the school will be OPEN.

If you have any questions please consult school.

Keith G. Holmes (Assistant Headteacher)