Pupil Premium – Strategy 2017 – 2018

Pupil Premium - Strategy 2017 - 2018

Planning and Actions for 2017-2018

At present we have 130 students that are eligible for PP funding spread across key stage three and four.

Each of the groups of students have varying levels of need and sometimes require targeted intervention to ensure that they are making the progress that is expected of them. Every student is monitored and if there is an issue that is stopping them progress within their subjects, then we intervene to resolve the problem. This may be pastoral, but the majority of interventions that take place are of an academic persuasion.

Planning for the use of the pupil premium grant 2017 to 2018: Pupil Premium Funding: £111,000

We will measure the effectiveness and impact of the expenditure against the following targets:

  • All students to meet or exceed nationally expected outcomes and progress for their starting points
  • A reducing gap in attendance between PP and non-PP students

Next Steps

  1. Bradfield School will continue to support Pupil Premium students with a sharp focus on progress, attendance and attainment.
  2. Following the recent Ofsted, the school will be carrying out a Pupil Premium review during this academic year to enable us to focus on weaker areas.
  3. All teaching staff also have access to ‘Continuing Professional Development’ materials and training. Including those delivered by members of the senior leadership team and Mr Mitchell (Pupil Premium Champion) to raise awareness of the issues surrounding PP progress and also to disseminate best pedagogical practice.
  4. Whole school INSET time during the year will be spent exploring PP barriers and teaching strategies.
  5. The Pupil Premium Educational Voucher has been secured at £125 for this academic year and will continue to directly support Pupil Premium families.
  6. All Year 11 students still registered as Pupil Premium in September 2017 will receive revision packs from subject areas.
  7. Mentoring of pupil premium students has been made a priority and a range of mentoring streams are being established and reviewed across the year.
  8. As part of the school’s commitment to eradicating any gaps in attainment and progress, all teachers at Bradfield School are required to monitor closely the progress and achievement of any Pupil Premium student(s) in their class. Seating plans, mark sheets and lesson planning will cater for Pupil Premium students’ progression at a classroom level.
  9. Teachers also have access to centrally produced data which highlights all key groups within their GCSE classes.
  10. Heads of Subject also discuss the Narrowing the Gap agenda and interventions with their Senior Leadership Team link on a regular basis throughout the year: attention in meetings/action plans are regularly focused on predicted outcomes of PP versus Non-PP students in their respective subjects.
  11. Extra tuition in English and Maths will continue with small group interventions for underachieving students, particularly at GCSE level.
  12. Both English and Maths departments also offer after school support classes which students can opt into.
  13. Careers guidance (‘Independent Information Advice and Guidance’- IIAG) has also been commissioned for the forthcoming academic year with a keen Pupil Premium focus. We will also provide additional support to our current cohort Year 9 Pupil Premium students in making their all-important options choices this year.
  14. We are adopting the mantra of ‘Equity not Equality’ for our Pupil Premium underpinned by the belief that, regardless of the barriers our students face, they can be overcome with the support of our excellent, dedicated staff. We are very lucky to work with such aspirational young people and their families