Managing Anxiety 28-Day Course – Day 1 Is Live Today

MANAGING ANXIETY 28-DAY COURSE – Day 1 is live today at or listen here

Anxiety is a big subject, with a lot of factors involved.  This Zumos 28-day programme will enable you to:

  • Learn about how anxiety is a normal emotion, with several different types;
  • Appreciate how anxiety often has a positive purpose;
  • Recognise the symptoms of your own particular experience of anxiety;
  • Explore a wide range of practical ways of working with your own anxiety so you can find what suits you best;
  • Gain more understanding of what’s going on and what you can do about it, so you feel more in control;
  • Learn how to improve your own wellbeing so you can be calmer and happier.

Each day’s message takes around three minutes to listen to.  It will give you ideas to think about and practical things to do, so you can experiment to find what works best for you.  At the end of each week there’s a recap so you can celebrate your progress, and at the end of the four weeks you’ll be able to see how far you’ve come – and also see how you can continue your progress into the future

Ordering Uniform.

Ordering uniform

The uniform policy details the uniform requirements:

Bradfield School has 2 uniform suppliers and you can order the items directly on line, we have been advised that due to the current circumstances orders are taking a little longer than usual:

Logo Leisure Wear  (measuring guide attached)


If your child is entitled to pupil premium support the school may be able to support the purchase of the uniform,  please email for further information.

Uniform_Policy_06_2019 Bradfield size guide 

If you require further information please contact the school.

SPACE – Supporting Parents And Children Emotionally.

To help support you during COVID-19, Rockpool have created a series of factsheets, designed to offer some support and strategies, whatever your situation, and are based on what Rockpool know about people’s responses to traumatic events and what can help.

Here are some useful documents.

SPACE-Factsheet-one-being-safe-cr SPACE-Factsheet-two-keeping-connected-2 SPACE-Factsheet-three-understanding-resilience-RP SPACE-Factsheet-four-nurturing-environment-Rock-Pool-2 SPACE-Factsheet-five-healthy-relationships-RP-3

Covid-19 Resources to Support Parents and Carers and those working with Children.

The coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) has taken a lot of us by surprise. Some people have described it as an episode of Black Mirror that they want to turn off, while others have said that they feel like the entire world is upside down.

If you are finding that you are struggling to look after your mental health as a result of the current outbreak please click on the link below which has lots of usefully resources, advice and support.